The Pan-Africa Heart Foundation is a non-profit making non-governmental charitable organisation registered in the UK and Kenya.

The aims of the organisation are targeted at both primary prevention and specialised treatment of cardiovascular disease.


Our Aims

To reverse Africa's 'brain drain' by providing a sustained educational program to assist in the training of medical, nursing and allied staff to internationally recognised standards in collaboration with national and regional bodies

To raise public awareness of rheumatic heart disease through an educational program undertaken with local partners thereby reducing the existing burden

To raise public awareness of the forecast increase in coronary artery disease in sub-Saharan Africa

To establish long-term resource commitments from philanthropic bodies to support the aims and objectives of the Commission for Africa

To increase the provision of free or subsidised medical and surgical treatment for people with cardiovascular disease in Africa on an equitable basis

Obtaining long-term resource commitments from philanthropic bodies


Latest News

Humming Health
PANAHF launches its PANAHF HeartHealth screening programme
Peter Linney
Peter Linney climbs Kilimanjaro for PANAHF September 2013

Success Stories

29-yr old Pennina Wekesa underwent open heart surgery.
Mary arriving for her surgery at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi (AKUHN)
There are more Malawian doctors working in Manchester, UK than in the whole of Malawi.
The World Health Organisation estimates that 23,000 health workers leave Africa annually and that now only 800,000 remain.
In Zimbabwe, three-quarters of doctors emigrate within a few years of graduation.
The number of doctors from Ghana now registered in UK has more than doubled between 1999 to 2004
Each year Malawi trains 60 nurses but loses 100, many to UK.