September 2013

Peter Linney climbs Kilimanjaro for PANAHF

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Peter Linney

Further Details

Well, in February 2012 I was doing my usual one hour walk in Estero, Florida and noticed that I had a pain in the center upper chest; however it went away when I rested. This was the first indication that I had a problem. When I returned to England in April the pains were worse and took longer to go away so I went to my GP who referred me for further investigations. After a number of test and consultations I was referred to the Trent Cardiac Centre and this is where fate stepped in and made me aware of the great work that PANAHF do for the unfortunate poor heart patients in Kenya and Africa as a whole. My surgeon was to be Mr Raj Jutley who is also the Chairman of PANAHF. I phoned his PA and made a Pre Op appointment to see him in one week. Well my wife and I met him in Nottingham and he explained that I needed a triple bypass and also gave me a full brief on what was going to happen. It then came to me asking if I had any questions. I had two, firstly could I continue with my hobby Charity Treks and secondly could I still trek at altitude. His answer to both was yes, because I would have a new system. He then asked me if I would do a Charity Challenge Trek with him to Kilimanjaro, for PANAHF, if he ‘fixed’ me. I was delighted to agree and on September 14th 2013 with Across the Divide we will embark on the adventure. We will go with ATD and a number of friends go to the summit of Kilimanjaro and hopefully raise a lot of money for this worthy cause PANAHF.

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Peter Linney
Peter Linney climbs Kilimanjaro for PANAHF September 2013
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