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PANAHF accepts monetary donations as cheques addressed to Pan-Africa Heart Foundation (PANAHF) mailed to our London address or donations of medical supplies or services that would be useful to missions.

Thank you.


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If you would like to make an online donation, please do so via our JustGiving page.


PANAHF's 'Adopt-A-Heart' campaign provides sponsors and benefactors accountability for their donated funds. PANAHF allocates specific donations to specific cases of open-heart surgery and provide sponsors with exact details of the patient who benefited from their kindness. We will then provide feed back with photographs and correspondence from the patient on their progress right through from their pre-operative state to follow-up back at home. The 'Adopt-A-Heart' campaign has already gathered interest from the EA Ramgharia Board who sponsored a case of mitral valve replacement for a 24-year-old orphan during the Nairobi Mission in October 2008. Read Geoffrey's Story here.

The cost of such surgery is around GBP £13,000 with the heart valve alone costing £1,500. The cost through PANAHF for the full package including surgery and post-operative stay is a fraction of this at GBP £6000 (USD $7500) including the cost of the heart valve.

If you would like to adopt a heart, please email PANAHF at

Adopt-A-Heart Gallery

  • Name:
    Geoffery Atuya
  • Operation:
    Mechanical Mitral Valve Replacement
  • Date:
    22nd October 2008
  • Benefactors:
    EA Ramgharia Board/Guru Nanak Hospital, Nairobi

Five cases of adult cardiac surgery were performed alongside local medical and nursing staff.